[Depereo] Presentation

Depereo Presentation

Depereo is a game about love and control. About big egos and impassioned chaos. About an amoral dictator, and an egocentric anarchist. About Theo and Alexi. And a world that doesn’t have enough room for them.

In Depereo, two players will be sharing one role. Each role will be divided into two aspects, fighting against each and everyone in order to get what they want. Through small episodes will you experience surreal and transgressing stories. Between those stories, Alexi and Theo will be in a constant power struggle over who controls the last city in the world. I am pretty sure this story will become something different.


Playing time: Around 4 hours.

Participants: 4 players and 1 gamemaster.

Player type: You love to invest in, and fight for, your character. You don’t mind stealing the narrative control, and giving it up as well. You prefer the player characters are in the centre of the story.

Gamemaster type: You will love to make some of the flavour your own, and you don’t mind sharing the story-building and framing with the players. You push and challenge your players, and you love to create an atmosphere. And you are willing to work with the scenario before running it.

The author: Asbjørn Olsen is fighting to free people from society and themselves, or some sort of bullshit like that. At least, he’s trying to fuck around with the dictator that runs the world.

Om Asbjørn Olsen

Mechanical engineering student and game designer interested in everything from behavior change and self-reliance to woodworking and surrealism...
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